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  • Wiley 2014 Auditing and Attestation
    • 저자
    • O. Ray Whittington
    • 상태
    • 품절
    • 출판사
    • Wiley [2013년 11월 01일]
    • 페이지수
    • 768 페이지
    • 판매가
    • 70,000원 → 65,000원
    • 구매수량
    • 1
    • 배송정보
    • - 평일 오후 2시 이전 결제 : 당일 발송
      - 평일 오후 2시 이후 결제 : 익일 발송(금요일 오후2시 이후 결제건은 월요일 발송)


      * 발송 후 1~2일 내 수령 가능하며, 발송 익일부터 배송 조회 가능합니다.
      * 금요일 오후 2시 이후 결제 건은 월요일 발송됩니다.
      * 결제 후 주소 변경은 불가능합니다.
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  • “I wanted to say I bought just the four books by Wiley for each CPA section and took all 4 parts of the exam in May 2009. I studied for about half a year, and I PASSED ALL 4 PARTS ON THE FIRST TRY!!! 95% REG, 88% FAR, 82% AUD, 81% BEC. I am very excited and happy that these books alone helped me pass!”

    —Gabriela Adriana Mandiuc, Boerne, Texas

    All the information you need to master the computerized CPA exam!

    • The most effective system available to prepare for the CPA exam—proven for nearly forty years

    • Timely, up-to-the-minute coverage for the computerized exam. Contains all current AICPA content requirements in Auditing and Attestation

    • Unique modular format—helps you zero in on areas that need work, organize your study program, and concentrate your efforts

    • Comprehensive questions—over 3,800 multiple-choice questions and their solutions in the four volumes. Covers the new simulation-style problems. Includes over 280 simulations

    • Complete sample exam in Auditing and Attestation

    • Guidelines, pointers, and tips—show you how to build knowledge in a logical and reinforcing way

    Wiley CPAexcel Exam Review Study Guide 2014 arms test-takers with detailed outlines, study guidelines, and skill-building problems to help candidates identify, focus on, and master the specific topics that need the most work.


    O. RAY WHITTINGTON, CPA, PHD, CMA, CIA, is Dean of the Driehaus College of Business and Kellstadt Graduate School of Business at DePaul University. Ray is a former member of the AICPA Auditing Standards Board and the AICPA Accounting and Review Services Committee. He is also the coauthor of Audit Sampling: An Introduction, Fifth Edition, available from Wiley.


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  • Preface vii

    About the Author ix

    About the Contributor ix


    Chapter 1: Beginning Your CPA Review Program

    Chapter 2: Examination Grading

    Chapter 3: Solutions Approach

    Chapter 4: Taking the Examination

    Chapter 5: Exam Content Overview


    Module 1: Professional Responsibilities

    Module 2: Engagement Planning, Obtaining an Understanding of the Client and Assessing Risks

    Module 3: Understanding Internal Control and Assessing Control Risk

    Module 4: Responding to Risk Assessment: Evidence Accumulation and Evaluation

    Module 5: Reporting

    Module 6: Accounting and Review Services

    Module 7: Audit Sampling

    Module 8: Auditing with Technology

    Module 41: Information Technology (Supplement)


    Appendix A: Outlines of Professional Standards

    Appendix B: Auditing and Attestation Sample Examination

    Appendix C: Sample Auditing and Attestation Testlet Released by AICPA

    Appendix D: 2014 Released AICPA Questions for Auditing and Attestation


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